Spektrum NX6 6-Channel DSM-X Transmitter Only, Mode 2

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If you're wanting easy programming and advanced features in your transmitter, look no further than the Spektrum NX6. It is the first 6-channel transmitter that features innovative Smart Technology!


-Smart Technology compatibility out of the box
-Backlit colour display
-Wireless Trainer Link allows instructor pilots to wirelessly “buddy box” to other Spektrum DSMX transmitters
-10 flight modes for airplanes, 10 for sailplanes, 5 for multirotor aircraft, and 4 for helicopters
-USB port for charging and data transfer, and for use with any simulator that supports USB game controllers (including the RealFlight® RC Flight Simulator)
-Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads and firmware updates
-Antenna folds down
-Rechargeable 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium-Ion transmitter battery
-Headphone jack allows you to monitor the voice alerts using earbuds

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