Spektrum DX6e DSM-X 6 Channel Transmitter Only

Article number: SPMR6655
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The options are almost endless with the Spektrum DX6e DSM-X six-channel transmitter with AR610 receiver. You’ll get 250-model memory, four model types and a wireless trainer link, just to name a few features. Got friends using Spektrum? Share model setups for even more fun


-Versatile use – program your plane, heli, sailplane or multirotor
-Great 250-model memory
-Comes included with 4 x AA batteries, ready to use
-EN328 compliant
-Wireless trainer link
-Clever Gimbal design, with a spring configuration switch. Mode changeable
-Seven swashplate options
-Seven airplane wing options, six tail plane options
-Four sailplane wing options, three tail plane options
-Smart telemetry that’s already built-in
-Planes & helis have seven-point throttle curves
-Seven-point pitch & tail curves for your heli
-Share model memories with other Spektrum transmitters
-Easy setup, start in multirotor flight mode

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