Solarfilm Solartrim Fluro Pink

Article number: SOF-TF45
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Glossy, sticky-back trim film, supplied on a paper support sheet. Very thin and flexible. FEATURES:
Used for colour decoration, on film covered models.Can be cut out to make lettering, insignia etc. Best results if applied to a smooth surface. Does not adhere well to rough or textured surfaces e.g. Solartex.
Used for colour decoration, insignia, lettering on any model with a smooth surface. Does not adhere to rough or textured surfaces. Can be moulded roundwingtips etc. by heating and stretch-ing like Solarfilm
Shapes are drawn on the back of the paper support thencut out. Can be applied 'dry' by peeling off the paper and pressing on to the surface to be decorated or 'wet' by floating on to the surface with soapywater (like a water slide transfer). Large or complex shapes are easiest to apply wet.
SIZES: Rolls 0.91m x 0.33m wide
Exacty the same as Solarfilm. Solarspan.

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