Solarfilm 72" Solarspan Metal Silver

Article number: SOF-SM71
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As Solarfilm,but uses a 50% thicker base film. Stronger than Solarfilm with a smoother glossier finish on veneer.

Weight: 60-75 g.s.m.


Multi layer-colour is between film and adhesive so covering can be removed without leaving colour on the wood, just bu reheating and peeling off while hot. Has stronger adhesive for better seams and overlaps, especially when using Prymol.

Model Type:

As Solarfilm. Extra strength makes it more suitable for larger models.


As per Solarfilm


Rolls 1.83m by 0.68m wide


See colour list. Includes three 'glittery' metallic flake colours.


A thicker stronger version of Solarfilm with a better adhesive. Easier to remove from model for repairs and recovering 

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