Solarfilm 2mx27" S/Kote Aqua Green

Article number: SOF-K56
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Polyester iron on self-adhesive film. Weight 65-85 g.s.m.
Stiffer and stronger than Solarfilm. Has a glossy finish. Resists all fuels
including diesel and petrol. Has less shrinkage than Solarfilm so not as easy to apply.
All types of R/C models. On open frame models, Solarkote covering adds more stiffness than Solarfilm.
Iron on. Needs more heat than Solarfilm. But safe on foam veneer if care is taken with the iron setting. Can be painted with Solarlac or trimmed with Solartrim.
SIZES Rolls 2 metre and 10 meters by 0.68m wide.
See colour list. Many colours are the same as the Solarfilm colours with the same name.
A stiffer, harder covering than Solarfilm. Essential if diesel or petrol power is used and the model needs a film covering.

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