Pro Boat Veles 29" Brushless Catamaran RTR

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The Veles 29-inch catamaran from Pro Boat features an all-new catamaran hull design, powered by a new 2000Kv brushless motor propelling it to speeds of 50+ miles per hour on 6S Li-Po Batteries.


-Fibreglass hull and canopy
-Removal electronics tray for easy maintenance.
-2000kv 6-pole water cooled motor
-Adjustable alloy prop strut
-Breakaway rudder design
-Spektrum DX2e Transmitter
-Waterproof Electronics
-High Pitch Stainless Propeller
-6S Compatible
-85km/h capable

NOTICE: Running the boat in salt water (e.g. sea water or salt chlorinated pools) could cause some parts to corrode. If you run the boat in salt water, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after each use and lubricate the drive system. Because of the corrosive effects, running the boat in salt water is at the discretion of the owner and will void the boat’s warranty.

Watch the video here!!

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