Pro Boat Miss GEICO 17" Power Boat Racer Deep-V RTR

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Take brushless boating to the absolute limit with the cutting edge Pro Boat 17” Power Boat Racer Self-righting Deep-V, including Spektrum Smart Technology. Coming in two eye catching trim schemes the Lucas Oil and Miss GEICO are ready to rip across your local pond or river!


-2.4GHz transmitter and receiver for precise and accurate operation
-A distinctive Deep-V hull that together with its composite rudder deliver unrivalled precision
-Spektrum smart battery and charger included
-Scale looks and appearance
-Handy self-righting hull design
-Powerful 2950Kv brushless motor with 30A Dynamite ESC
-Crazy speeds of up to 48km/h

NOTICE: Running the boat in salt water (e.g. sea water or salt chlorinated pools) could cause some parts to corrode. If you run the boat in salt water, make sure it is rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after each use and lubricate the drive system. Because of the corrosive effects, running the boat in salt water is at the discretion of the owner and will void the boat’s warranty.


Watch the video here!!

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