Multiplex Heron RC Plane Kit

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The Multiplex Heron 2.4m electric glider boasts smooth looks and a luxurious performance.


  • High performing electric glider
  • Four-flap wing
  • Large 2.4 wingspan
  • 1.1m in length & 1.3-1.5kg in weight
  • Clear canopy with a highly detailed cockpit
  • Control your glider with 5 channels
  • Functions include elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, throttle for short landing approaches
  • Up to 7 hours to put together
  • Fly for up to 40 minutes, without thermal support
  • Detachable wings for ease of transport

Wingspan:2400 mm

Overall length:1100 mm

All-up weight, glider:min. 1300 g

All-up weight, electric glider:min. 1500g 1100 mm

5RC functions:Elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, throttle => Butterfly (crow) for short landing approaches!min. 1300 g

approx. 7 hr.

Flight time:approx. 40 min. without thermal assistance

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