HoBao 1/10 Hyper GPX4 Nitro RTR Ferrari

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Hyper GPX4 1/10 Nitro RTR Ferrari


On the outside the GPX4 looks a cool cat with a choice of sports car style bodyshells to die for. Lift the lid and you are greeted with the sort of features and options normally reserved for far more expensive pro models; Shoe two speed, adjustable centax clutch, roll bars, threaded aluminium shocks, vented brake disc, multi-adjustable suspension for fine tuning, front and rear geared diffs all finished off with a powerful Hyper 12 engine.


Don´t look for cheaper models, that will cost money when you progress. Go GPX4 and you are set-up from the start!




Glow plug

Glow ignitor

Nitro fuel

Batteries for radio system

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