Dualsky LiPo Battery EX 400mAH 3S 30C W/JST

Article number: DSBXP04003EX
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Give your RC model a power injection with this 400mAh LiPo battery from Dualsky, offering superb value and performance.

Suitable for beginners
Great 400mAh of capacity
Complete with Dualsky's Xpower battery technology
Smooth, laminated structure
Equipped with Nano Coat technology and an advanced Nano electrode
Very low IR
Key components imported from Japan
XH balancing connector and DC3 heavy-duty plug/JST connector included

Capacity (mAh) 400
Voltage (V) 11.1
Energy (Wh) 44.4
Number of Cells 3S1P
Weight (g) 43
Dimensions (L x W x T) 51 x 30 x 14mm
Wiring 20AWG (JST)
Max Charge (C) 5
Max Continuous Discharge (C) 30
Max Burst Discharge (C) 60
Max Continuous Current (A) 12
Max Continuous Output (W) 126
ESC for Aerobatics XC0610BA
Sport Aircraft (g) 315
3D Aircraft (g) 280
Memo 5C Charge Rate

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