Dualsky 2700mah 4S HED LiPo Battery, 50C

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The new Dualsky HED series LiPO batteries are a high-performance TRUE 50C discharge, 5C charge pack. They are extremely durable being constructed from Japanese core materials. Offering outstanding performance true to their rating, lightweight and at an attractive price.

Capacity 2700mah
Voltage 14.8V
Energy 40.0wh
Number of Cells 4S1P
Dimensions (L x W x H) 138 x 44 x 21mm
Weight 269g
Wiring & Connector 12AWG (XT60)
Max Charge 5C
Max Charge Current 14A
Max Cont. Discharge 50C
Max Cont. Current 135A
Max Cruise Power 567W
Aerobatic Models 2.8 KG
Extreme 3D Models 1.9 KG
Suited for 30E 3D Airplanes

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