DLE-35RA Single Cylinder Petrol Engine

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DLE-35RA Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Pack Includes - 

  • DLE-35RA Rear exhaust Engine
  • NEW 4.8~14v Auto Advancing Electronic Ignition
  • Muffler, Gasket and Bolts
  • Aluminium Standoffs and Bolts
  • DLE Pump Carby & Composite Throttle arm extension
  • Genuine NGK CM6 Spark Plug in addition to factory supplied DLE plug
  • 2 YEAR DL Engines Australia  - Factory Backed Warranty
  • DL Engines Australia English Instructions & Support
  • Free Registered Delivery to Australia

Optional Premium Upgrade Pack only $35 and includes the following extras and save you $

  • Twist Lok Fuel Filler Point 
  • 2 Metres of fuel line
  • HD Power switch for ignition
  • Opto Kill Ignition Kill Switch

We provide the Best No Fuss Warranty Service for DL Engines & work is done locally in Australia authorised by the DL Factory

Many claim they are factory dealers, but most are not......visitwww.dlpower.net for a list of authorised DLE dealers.

Idle Speed: 1500 rpm/min
9.0Kg Static Thrust/ 100 meters Altitude       
7.0Kg Static Thrust/ 1800 meters Altitude
Recommended Propellers:  18x10; 19x8; 19x10; 20x6; 20x8; 20x10

Ignition Battery: 4.8v ~8.4v (latest Version ignition)
Replacement Spark Plug: NGK CM6
Plug Gap: 0.018" to 0.020: Installation Torque: 7 to 8 ft-lbs

Displacement: 34.9cm3        
Diameter × Stroke: 38.5mm×30mm 
Compression Ratio:  7.6:1  
Fuel 2C Gasoline:30:1 - 40:1 (Mineral based  at 30-32:1 for breakin, 30~40:1 quality synthetic thereafter)
Weight:  Main Engine - 940g; Muffler - 70g; Ignition device - 130g

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