Blade Nano S2 Helicopter, BNF

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The best micro RC collective pitch helicopter has just gotten even better! Like its predecessor, the Nano CPS, the Blade Nano S2 Heli is designed to build the pilots 3d skills from the ground up, with an exceptional stability system helping to make difficult manoeuvres even easier than before.


  • Collective Pitch provides limitless flight capabilities
  • Virtually indestructible – great for learning advanced manoeuvres with confidence
  • 45C LiPo Battery provides a high power output for limitless aerobatics.
  • Included USB Charger provides charge-anywhere convenience.
  • Roubust and powerful coreless motors for advanced 3D manoeuvres
  • Light Weight - Low disc loading for advanced aerobatics.
  • Linear Servos provide faster response and better holding torque over normal rotary servos.

What you need

  • Compatible DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter

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