Balsa USA Smoothie Xl Kit 88 Ws 20-35Cc Gas

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The Smoothie XL is the one of the best sport aerobatic planes on the market.  With its 88-3/4" fully symmetrical wing, oversized control surfaces, and sleek aerodynamic shape, the Smoothie XL out performs all the other 30cc sport kits available on the market.  Install a 20cc gas engine if you want a tame relaxing plane that will do loops, rolls and touch-and-goes all Sunday long.  Install a 35cc if you want to Unleash The Beast stored within the Smoothie XL.  The optional flaps allow the Smoothie XL to almost stop in the air.


The Smoothie XL is an enlarged version of the .40 sized Smoothie. The Smoothie XL features a fully symmetrical wing. The fuselage utilizes a tabbed construction to aid in construction ease and speed up building time. The tail surfaces are built up and then sheeted for strength and to mimic the slab tail of the smaller Smoothie, yet allowing it to remain as light as possible. The stringers on the turtle deck are angled so the covering touches just a point of the wood creating a unique, clean and very attractive appearance.

This kit includes:

  • Rolled Plans
  • ABS Wheel Pants
  • ABS Chin Cowl
  • Complete Hardware Package
  • Ohio Superstar Tail Wheel Assembly
  • Clear Plastic Cowl


Wing Span - 88-4/3"
Wing Area - 1396 sq in
Fuselage Length - 70"
Weight - 14-16 lbs
Recommended Engine - 20-35cc Gasoline

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